Facilities & Services for Disabled

Baan Khaolak Beach Resort is one of the few wheelchair-accessible beach resorts in Thailand. It provides ideal accommodation for disabled persons, ensuring that those with disabilities can fully enjoy their holiday in South Thailand, especially at a picturesque beachfront resort located on one of the most beautiful beaches.

Let's go back to the starting point of defining a 'Resort for Family.' The word 'Family,' a common but powerful term, encompasses everyone who is a member of a certain household living together, from infants to the elderly. This gives rise to the concept of a resort designed to cater to all members of a family, ensuring that parents with infants and elderly individuals face no difficulties while enjoying their holiday at our resort.

Building upon the existing idea, we aim to cater not only to the elderly with mobility difficulties and infants, both of whom may require mobility assistance but also to individuals with physical disabilities and wheelchair users. As a result, our primary focus is on creating 'wheelchair-accessible' facilities. Additionally, we are making further adjustments and additions to our accommodations and facilities to ensure they fully support the needs of those with physical difficulties.